7 Unique Cardio and Strengthening Workout Equipment

WEIGHT LOSS STORY : Reduce 20 Kg in 3 Months

WEIGHT LOSS STORY : Reduce 20 Kg in 3 Months

Cardio training and strength training are part of almost all fitness regimes and followed by almost everyone who has the goal of achieving fitness and getting in shape.  However, some people prefer not to be a part of the overcrowded gyms but accumulate the right fitness equipment at home and start right away.

At-home workout has its own set of benefits, and you can achieve the expected results that you could have by being a part of a gym or with a personal trainer.

This billion-dollar industry has quite a lot to offer, and there is a wide array of equipment to choose from while looking for the right equipment to workout with or to make a part of your home gym. However, selecting the right set of equipment is the first step to set-up a successful home gym and achieve satisfaction during at-home workout sessions. Here are 7 unique cardio and strength training equipment which you use in your workouts to attain optimum results while working out.

Strength Training Equipment

Strength Training Equipment

The focus of this type of equipment is on toning and shaping body muscle while working on muscle strength building. These types of equipment harness external weight, body weight, or resistance force to build endurance, strength, and muscle.

Here are a few unique strengthening equipment that can be used by beginners and advanced trainers alike for muscle and strength building.

Suspension Cables

Suspension cables are the perfect equipment for strength training. They are capable of providing with a full-body strength workout. Ease of portability and lightweight are two additional features that make it a unique strength building equipment which can be equally effective in training for both beginners and pro bodybuilders.


Captain’s Chair or Power Tower

The main focus of power tower or captain’s chair is on the upper body and abdomen. This piece of equipment is highly effective in attaining lean and fit upper body muscle without using any extra weight. However, you can use extra weight in the form of weighted vests and resistance bands to make your exercises more challenging.

The various exercises that you can perform using Power tower are highly effective for working on your biceps, forearms, chest, back muscles, and abdomen.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are one of the best equipment for strength building and are lightweight and flexible. Though started as a means of providing therapy for muscle rehabilitation, resistance bands have become popular for exercising and strength training.

There are various types of resistance bands available, and each one comes with its advantages. Compact resistance bands are best suited for full-body exercising purposes. However, other bands such as Figure 8 resistance bands and ring or lateral resistance bands are also available that help in body part specific exercise.

Cardio Equipment

Cardio exercises provide whole body workout and are better known to cut the extra calories and fat. Cardio equipment concentrates on a full-body workout, thereby helping in enhancing the stamina and endurance of an individual. Here is a list of cardio equipment and having at least one of these machines can be essential in helping you achieve your desired fitness.

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A treadmill is considered effective, and easy-to-use cardio equipment that is also among the most popular choices of equipment for home gyms. These machines provide the best alternative for outdoor jogging and running exercises and are considered ideal for users of all age groups.

Compact Rower

Compact Rower at machines are efficient in burning calories and elevating heart rates for proper cardio exercise. This machine provides a full-body workout by concentrating on your arms, legs, and back, offering the least strain impact on your joints. 

These machines are available in two variations – the pulley models and piston model. A mere 30-minute workout can give you a complete cardio exercise for the whole day and is considered one of the best cardio equipment for home gyms.

Exercise Bikes

The exercise bike is just another equipment in the easy-to-use cardio equipment. This machine provides excellent cardio training and strength building. These stationary bicycles also come with resistance adjustment feature to offer a more challenging and variable workout regime and attain desirable intense training as per the requirements.


Stair-steppers or Climbers can be a bit typical for the first-time user and can be stressful for knees at the same time. This equipment offers a strong cardio session and can be a great piece to work with while concentrating on your lower limbs muscular strength.

Machines that offer appropriate stair sizes and independent foot action are preferable for these types of equipment. Stair-steppers are considered best for toning lower body that includes hips, thighs, calves, hamstrings, and quads.


Fitness and getting in shape are tough goals to stick to and require a strong will and determination. You need to learn how to use these equipments in order to avoid any injuries.

You also need to keep in mind that working out regularly to attain fitness is in itself a huge time commitment, and you need to be regular with your workout regimes in order to achieve your fitness goals.

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