7 Tips for Creating a More Pleasant Office Environment

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Many individuals find themselves working in a dull office, with very little to stimulate and inspire them. And as office space becomes smaller for the regular employee, the working conditions become less pleasant and almost unbearable. Yet having a comfortable working office environment increases productivity, project a more professional image, and even improve employees’ health. Therefore, it is crucial to beautify and enhance the office space. The following are some useful tips to get you started.

1. Re-design the workspace

Making the office more comfortable will ensure employees can concentrate on their work better and have a better output. There are several ways of making the office more comfortable. Improve office lighting. Studies show that natural light significantly improves concentration and productivity. If it is not possible to have natural light in your offices, you can use blue light bulbs, which are known for increasing alertness and hence work performance. Having ergonomic furniture will also increase productivity as employees will not suffer from fatigue, back pain, neck pain, or eye strain. You can install the indoor wall fountains at  for a calming effect. Have an eating area that can double up as a leisure zone, and a watercooler will keep your employees hydrated all day long.

2. Add a personal touch 

Employees should be allowed to personalize their workspace. They can add pictures of their family members, stock the office bookshelf with motivational books, and stock their drawers with a few favorite snacks from home. This will help create a “home feeling” while at work. Your office should reflect who you are without going overboard.

3. Paint the office with calming colors 

Color affects the body and mind. This, in turn, could affect employees’ productivity. For example, red can lead to riskier behaviors, while blue has a soothing, relaxing effect. Therefore, paint the office with colors that improve productivity, such as blue, green, and light orange. Dull shades of green and gray can be depressing. Bright light colors such as yellow will bring a cheerful atmosphere in the workplace. You can also add artwork and murals, if possible.

4. Add plants 

Did you know that plants help reduce stress and create a therapeutic atmosphere? Various studies have shown that plants can significantly improve moods, including lessening anger, confusion, depression, anxiety, and fatigue. Therefore, have the office space decorated with plants for a calmer work environment. The plants do not need to be large or brightly colored. A simple green plant, or small flowering plant, can make the office space infinitely more bearable. In addition to facilitating a positive atmosphere, plants are attractive, they produce oxygen, and make the air less stuffy.

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5. Maintain cleanliness

Cleanliness is next to godliness. By keeping your offices clean, you will ensure there no spread of common colds brought by dust. Having a well-ventilated office will provide the circulation of fresh air in the office. Make sure your offices and the kitchen office is also clean.

6. Retreat and Fun

All work and no play makes jack a dull boy. There are tons of ways in which employees can engage in fun activities, from an afternoon movie, visiting an amusement park, going bowling, or even everyone getting a massage. Setting aside a company fun day where employees from different departments get to know each other better and interact in fun activities will help create a positive, pleasant, harmonious atmosphere and environment in the office. Occasional events out of the workplace, such as birthday celebrations or team luncheons, will help create camaraderie.

Also, during these fun days, you can identify and reward outstanding employees; this will make them feel a part of the organization and that their job isn’t merely just a job. It will, in turn, boost the morale of the whole organization and create a healthy competition among the employees for recognition.

7. Build Effective Communication Channels

Effective communication will ensure that employees can express their opinions and ideas freely, regardless of their position in the company. It will develop a sense of trust and respect among the employees as everyone’s ideas are listened to and respected. Effective communication will also ensure that any small problem arising is taken care of early in advance, hence nurturing an enjoyable work environment.


Creating a pleasant working environment takes the effort of both the employer and the employees. Besides, your employees will be most productive if the working environment is comfortable. The above tips will help you ensure you foster such for the best results. “

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