7 Signs If She Misses You after Breakup

7 Signs If She Misses You after Breakup 3

It is very difficult to separate from a person you have once loved badly and it is even more difficult to forget the person and the memories related to that person. Sometimes we might break up but our heart just doesn’t agree to it and misses our partner badly.

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There are many men and women who are not able to move on and always wait for the day their partner will return. The question that arises in every man’s mind after a breakup is how to know if she misses you after a breakup? Recently, we have published a post on What Zodiac Signs go well together.

Today we will revealing the subtle signs your ex misses you:

1. Will Talk To Your Friends

Usually, your ex tries to avoid talking to your friends as it makes them feel uncomfortable and they just don’t want to be in touch with any link related to you. If she is talking to your friends then she might be trying to know about you indirectly and obviously, it shows that she is missing you.

2. Talking About Social Media Posts

If your ex is missing you then she will definitely try to keep an eye on you and your activities through our social media posts. She will talk about all your latest social media posts and will compliment you every now and then about your profile picture or any other post. She will also like your social media posts.

3. Frequent Texts

This is a very common habit of most of the girls that they just cannot avoid texting the guy they like, even if he is her ex. If ever a question comes into your mind that how to know if your ex is over you, just notice how often she texts you and you will get your answer there and then.

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4. Will Try To Be Authoritative

There are many girls who cannot get over the person they love so easily and cannot avoid caring about them even if they are no more a part of their lives. If your ex tries to use phrases like ‘I know what you like’ or ‘I know you well and so just do as I say’ then it is a very clear hint that she still treats you like her boyfriend.

5. Jealousy

If a girl genuinely loves you she will never be comfortable seeing you settling down with some other girl and imagining that girl to be taking her place. She will definitely not agree with your choice and would show that she is very insecure in her presence.

6. Past Conversations

It is hard to get over the memories connected with your ex, especially if you still love him. So guys, if your ex is trying to make you recall your past relationship memories with her every now and then, you must understand that she is not able to get you out of her life.

7. Making Guyfriends

Girls often try to make their ex connections jealous if they still love them. They would talk about new guys in their lives and would intentionally say that they are very happy with them and this is just a trick to make you feel jealous and make you realize that they still love you.

What are your views about the above post? Do you agree as well? If you are noticing the same signs in your love life then do share your personal experience below.

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