7 Most Beautiful Married Bollywood Actresses Without Makeup

Most of the Indians have a very common misconception in their minds that unmarried girls look better than married girls without makeup. This seriously isn’t true and we will prove it well in this post. There are many married Bollywood actresses who look much prettier than the unmarried ones.

Despite entering into motherhood or acquiring household responsibilities, these actresses have still maintained their beauty and have beaten the unmarried celebrities in terms of beauty and that too without applying any makeup.

Now, you won’t believe me until you’ll yourself witness the pictures of the most beautiful women in the world without makeup who are married as well.

List of 20 Most Beautiful Indian Girls 2019


Sridevi Kapoor without makeup photos

1  Sridevi Kapoor

The beauty queen of Bollywood ‘Sridevi’ may not be with us presently but her beauty is something that still exists in the minds of people. She is one of the most beautiful women ever without makeup. Despite being aged, she retained her beauty exceptionally.

Aishwarya Rai without makeup photos

2  Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Bearing the title of Miss World, it is very obvious for Aishwarya Rai Bachchan to be a part of this list of most beautiful girls in the world without makeup. Her simplicity and attitude exist well even without makeup.

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Juhi Chawla without makeup photos

3  Juhi Chawla

Her chubby cheeks and overloaded cuteness just makes her look so adorable without makeup. She has always been the most controversial stars in Bollywood and her fairness is still visible without makeup.

Popular Bollywood Celebrities Without Makeup

Madhuri Dixit without makeup photos

4  Madhuri Dixit

Besides being a dancing star she is one of the most humble celebrities of Bollywood. People may have witnessed her beauty with makeup but after seeing the above picture most of them will agree that she looks equally beautiful without makeup.

Best Pictures of Madhuri Dixit Without Makeup


Kareena Kapoor without makeup photos

5  Kareena Kapoor Khan

Popularly known as ‘Bebo’ she is indeed a very pretty girl and even after marrying Saif Ali Khan and becoming a mother she does not lack beauty. She has been spotted most of the times without makeup as it suits her better.

Top Pictures – Kareena Kapoor Without Makeup


Chitrangana Singh without makeup photos

6  Chitrangdha Singh

People might not have seen her much in Bollywood but she has been an essential part of it always. Her journey was short but most of her films were a blockbuster as many of the viewers could not get their eyes off her beauty and the moment they spotted her without makeup they just couldn’t help but stare her.

30 Most Beautiful Indian Women in World


Sunny Leone without makeup photos

7  Sunny Leone

When people talk about Sunny Leone, every man’s lower jaw just drops down. She has always been a beauty sensation and is the princess of all the viewers’ hearts. She looks so cute without makeup, isn’t it?

Top 20 Sensational Sunny Leone’s Without Makeup Photos

According to you who is the most beautiful married woman without makup? If you think I have missed out any name or there should be an alternative ranking please comment below.

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7 Most Beautiful Married Bollywood Actresses Without Makeup 2
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7 Most Beautiful Married Bollywood Actresses Without Makeup 3
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