6 tips to fight de-motivation when you are trying to lose weight

De Motivation

Life wasn’t created to be de-motivated to do anything – especially about taking care of your body. Your body was primarily made for survival. Hunting, gathering, farming etc. also worked as good workouts that kept people in the Stone Age and beyond healthy.

De-motivation is a disease. It would very much like to keep you in a vegetative state and you would still chalk it out as surviving. Surviving in the Stone Age and surviving in the 21st century is now a different game. We have evolved our environment to such an extent that we don’t have to worry about the predators outside.

But now, we have to fight the predator within us. The productivity and motivational killers who ultimately makes us have a negative self-image. This only eats us away while bribing us with procrastination and empty promises of doing it tomorrow. Who has seen tomorrow, anyway?

De-motivation can also give root to depression. And when one falls into depression, with nothing uplifting or healing, it spirals into a worse mental state. Whether you have reached the level of depression or are just not motivated to work-out, we have found you a way to get started.

Shouting at yourself will never work

Yes, you might have listened to a hundred podcasts, read numerous articles and quotes about motivation. But it just makes for a good read or a story. How does it help you anyway? And in the end, you would start comparing yourself with the accomplished and how they were brave enough to pull themselves out of it. You would get more and more frustrated with yourself and be disappointed in yourself.

Yet, you might just not do what you are supposed to do. Frustration rises with each passing time and each pound gained. And there we go to the infinite loop of de-motivation and frustration. Can we break this loop? Absolutely! Will it be easy? Absolutely not. But we are going to make it a little more endearing with a few tips to really get you started on the way to healthy living.

Here is the action plan to beat de-motivation and start your best life now:

  1. Start with the mental exercise

It all starts with your mind. If your mind is not ready to take on the results, pain, and toil that come with it, then nothing can be achieved. Bullet-proof determination gets us to the hilltop of success.

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The mental exercise for you right now is to think about why you need to get fit.

  1. Is it because your doctor said so?
  2. Is it because you are gaining weight?
  3. Is it because you can’t fit in the same clothes that you used to?
  4. Is it because it is changing the way you or the people around you see you?

When you have given this thing a thought, then think about how a good body image is going to make you feel better and keep you in good health. Visualize how you are going to feel proud of your achievement. Visualize about the clothes that will look great on you. Think about the things you would be able to do with the strength you gain!

  1. Making a plan

Now that you have visualized yourself with the type of strength and the positive self-image you will have, start making a plan. This means to gather your work-out clothes, gather the dumbbells or join a membership in your nearest gym. A gym instructor will be able to help you get to your goal. But if you want to start on your own first, you can very well do that!

  1. Starting small

We also know that why people dread the gym. We may be fully pumped to start on with our exercise and on the next day, we will feel all the soreness in the muscles. A gym instructor will also not take it easy on you and might give you hard exercises. They mean well, but they don’t know that your motivation is fragile.

To cultivate this fragile motivation and grow it into a stronger one, start small. Maybe start with just a little bit of cardio of 10-20 minutes a day. Then keep on going! Do not think of not being able to get your ripped muscles by the end of the month. Just focus on being consistent and giving your 100% from start to finish.

  1. Record how you feel

Journaling your experience gives that experience some value especially when you do not get the results the same day. Journaling how you felt and writing it to yourself on how you are going to do better the next day gives you all the motivation to fill in the goal you promised to no one but yourself. You can also record a video of yourself doing the workout to motivate yourself if writing is not your cup of tea. Maybe you will disappoint yourself a few days. Maybe you will skip a day. Maybe you will not be able to give your 100% some days. But what’s important is to never stop. Did you want to start a 7-day easy workout and skipped the 4th day? Start again. Start again till you get to the finish line. You only owe to yourself!

  1. Get people together for the same purpose

You are not the only one who is looking to get fit and is de-motivated. But the best thing you would be doing is to actually do something to get fit. When you actually put effort into something, it is better than doing nothing. Gather your friends and make a community to encourage each other to get your goal. Reinforce your feelings as a team with badges and lapel pins that you can identify your goals with. Customize those pins with the quotes and images that motivate you and your group. Get them made professionally at much lesser cost at Vivipins. Visit https://vivipins.com now to get your batch of pins.

  1. Reward yourself

As much as it is important to get started, it is also as equally important to reward yourself for the efforts you put. Make sure your rewards don’t undo the efforts that you have put on your body. List the things you enjoy the most and make sure you fulfill it without crashing your budget or your efforts. Whether it is a physical activity, a video game, making art and craft or shopping one item from your wish-list, make it happen. Make it periodic but never too often.

These are the 6 tips that would help you fight de-motivation and get you started. Compliment it with a good diet and you will be good to go. Seek a nutritionist or a dietician to help you plan diet for your body and lifestyle. Motivate yourself with visuals, sense of belongingness and a common goal with your group. Reward yourself on the way and be doubly rewarded for the efforts you put on your body!

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