6 Best Tips for Choosing High-Quality CBD Products

CBD products

According to Statista, CBD products are expected to become $1 billion industry by 2020. Health and wellness companies are likely to claim their stakes in the prize. However, don’t let that deter you from using the best CBD oils.

CBD oil is now available in all 50 states (including Arkansas). For those living in Arkansas, the best place to get CBD [1] is via one of several popular online retailers that offer a variety of high-quality CBD products. Also, if you prefer to purchase from a brick-and-mortar shop, then there are a few stores that sell top-tier CBD products in Conway. [

However, for those living outside of Arkansas, remember that you can always find quality CBD products. You just need to do your homework and know what to look out for.

Below are six essential tips for choosing high-quality CBD products.

#1: Check How It Is Extracted

How CBD oil is extracted from the plant will have an impact on the genotype of the final product.

To extract the oil, you need to apply pressure to the cannabis plant. This causes the trichomes to burst open. In the process, the plant excretes its oils that CBD oil companies capture, bottle, and sell.

It is how these companies apply pressure to the cannabis plant that separates quality CBD products from bad ones.

If the products are extracted by heat, that could mean butane was used in turn. The chemicals in butane come into contact with the oil. Anytime aromatic chemicals do that, they’ll have a chemical reaction.

Chemical reactions can alter the genotype of all compounds.

Butane is known to be a hazardous material. So, even if it’s distilled from the final product, the instant interaction with the cannabinoids can dilute the quality of those products.

You’re advised to look for vendors that use extraction methods like CO2 or food-grade ethanol. Remember, these all-natural solvents ensure that the cannabinoids and terpenes stay intact without the use of foreign substances.

#2: Make Sure the CBD Product Is Broad Spectrum

When shopping for CBD products, you’ll come across two varieties on the market: CBD Isolate and Broad-Spectrum CBD. There are about 113 cannabinoids (CBD) in cannabis, and isolated CBD products are just the way they sound; these products contain only one of those 113 CBDs in an isolated oil.

While isolated CBD oils are efficient, they aren’t the top-notch quality CBD products available out there. The reason behind this is that CBD works better while in combination with other cannabinoids—this is called the “entourage effect.”

In broad-spectrum products, the CBD efficiency in your system is amplified by:

  • Antioxidants
  • Glycerides
  • Flavonoids
  • Omega Fatty Acids
  • Amino Acids
  • 113 Cannabinoids
  • 30+ Terpenes (including Eucalyptol, Myrcene, Geraniol, Linalool)

By using these products, you’re getting all the advantages of the cannabis plant, minus the THC. So, if it doesn’t say “broad spectrum” on the label, consider looking for “whole plant” instead.

#3: Only Purchase Naturally-Derived CBD Products

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Do you care about how your products are extracted? If so, then buying all-natural should be no-brainer.

While ingesting butane molecules from a heat extraction is one thing, it’s a completely different thing to take products treated with pesticides.

Purchasing inorganic CBD products means that the cannabis plants your oil was extracted from were exposed to foreign substances. These chemicals were built to destroy living creatures deemed pests to the farmer’s crops.

Remember, toxic substances can have a negative impact on the health-promoting properties of products, including CBD products.

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#4: Check Third-Party Testing Reports

Always question each product you ingest.

You must know everything about what is in your CBD goods. As a distributor of supplements, CBD companies should know what’s in their items as well. This is why third-party testing is crucial when it comes to choosing the best CBD products for your needs.

Third-party testing is a great way to keep a supplement company in check. There’s no motive for a testing company to deny or report ingredients in a formula.

Since the FDA does not have particular guidelines on CBD goods, third-party testing provides customers with the facts. From there, you can easily make an informed decision about your well-being.

If you find third-party results, take a moment to study them. Whenever formulas are made, foreign substances may be the outcome of a rogue reaction.

Keep in mind that minimal traces of heavy metals can make their way into the final product. Thus, any sign of these can result in inferior CBD products.

#5: Your CBD Product Should Come In Adequate Packaging

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This is yet another no-brainer, but how your products are packaged matters just as much as how they’re extracted and formulated.

The moment a marijuana leaf is picked, it slowly begins to die. As the plant oxygenates, valuable CBDs dissipate into the atmosphere. CBD product companies go to great lengths to preserve such natural elements, but they succumb to the inevitable.

If you want to extend the life of your CBD goods, ensure that you’re purchasing them in glass containers, not plastic.

Plastic is a synthetically created, porous substance. It retains water vapor from the CBD product inside of the container, which can become a breeding ground for mildew and mold that may dilute your CBD products’ potency.

Glass is, however, impermeable. Thus, it won’t hold onto moisture. While that may be a plus, glass is also transparent. Experts suggest that getting CBD products in amber containers is recommended as UV rays cannot penetrate through.

#6: CBD Products Should Not Have Any GMOs

Remember, additives add nothing to CBD products. If you’re going to get flavored goods, make sure they’re all-natural like essential oils. Furthermore, ensure the products don’t contain any gluten or other possible allergens involved in the casing of your CBD products.

While the FDA insists that genetically modified organisms can be consumed, studies are still being conducted on their long-term effects. In terms of an all-natural product like CBD, why rock the boat?

There is no need to muck up the advantages of CBD with foreign chemicals if it’s not necessary.

Wrapping Up

So, these were some of the best tips to consider when buying CBD products.

The best way to see if a product is right for you is to check if its company is right for you. It’s normal to have queries when you’re choosing your CBD goods. If their customer support doesn’t answer those queries for you, well, go elsewhere.

A company that sells quality products will stand behind them. If you’re purchasing top-tier CBD products, they should come with a money-back guarantee.

Otherwise, you’re basically running the risk of purchasing from a company that’s simply playing the cash grab.

Did you find this article helpful? Share your thoughts and suggestions with us in the comments below.

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