5 Ways to Deal with Lice and Keep Your Kids Healthy

lice problems

Aside from being a nuisance, head lice bites can severely irritate a child’s scalp and even lead to infection. Unfortunately, lice can spread quickly and be challenging to remove. However, if you find that your child has contracted lice, consider the following five treatment options to solve the problem as quickly as possible.

  • Call a Professional

The most surefire way to deal with lice quickly is to call a professional. Lice removal services by bugadieu.com have experience dealing with these small pests and will be much more likely to produce results in a shorter amount of time. Many will even do their best to accommodate same-day appointments to address the situation promptly. Some companies will also come to your home, making this option both convenient and effective.

You should always do your research about what type of products these companies are using to see if they are safe.

However, luckily, many companies prioritize the use of non-toxic types of products:

  • Medicated Shampoos

Many shampoos are designed for the explicit purpose of killing lice. Some weaker formulas are available in drugstores or over the counter, but you can obtain stronger options with a prescription from a doctor.

If you choose to go with an over the counter option, you need to ensure that your choice is appropriate and safe for your child’s age. Some products are only meant for children who are two years are older. Parents need to perform due diligence to ensure that they are not putting their children in more harm.

  • Olive Oil

If you are looking to go with a more organic method to solve your child’s lice problem, you should consider using olive oil. Like other methods on this list, olive oil is said to suffocate lice and prevent their return. A unique benefit specific to olive oil is that it has also been shown to have other health advantages for the hair and scalp.

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If you are looking for a natural lice remedy that can even proactively improve the health of your child’s head, then you should undoubtedly consider olive oil.

  • Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly is another popular at-home remedy for lice because it smothers the critters. While it may be challenging to get out of your child’s hair, it can generally be disposed of within a few washes.

This option is accessible for people who have an allergy to lice shampoos and people who have especially stubborn lice. However, parents of young children need to ensure that they do not ingest this toxic substance.

  • Mayonnaise

If you have ever watched The Office, then the odds are that you have seen this method of lice removal in action. Users of this method claim that the mayonnaise works to smother the lice. Once you suppress them, they are much easier to remove from the scalp.

However, others argue that there is no evidence to suggest that this sandwich condiment can kill the lice. Many still give it a try because it is entirely harmless and safe if children consume it on accident. The main problem is that it can get a bit messy.

Lice can spread like wildfire, which is why it is imperative that you contain and dispose of these small pests as quickly as possible. If you have any long-term problems with lice, it is essential that you speak to your child’s pediatrician, who will recommend the best treatment option for your situation. In the meantime, call a professional for a same-day appointment or try any of these home remedies  – you’ll be glad you didn’t wait.

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