5 Things Parents Can Do For Their Children On International Children’s Day

5 Things Parents Can Do For Their Children On International Children's Day 7

I am sure most of you who are reading this post must be aware of why do we celebrate International Children’s Day. Even if you are not much sure about the history of celebrating this day, no worries, I will take you to the flashback. Basically, on this day, we are celebrating the birth anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru who was the first Prime Minister of India. Now you will ask that how is his birth anniversary connected to this day then let me just brief you about this. He was one of the Indians who was extremely fond of children and always took care of them despite the situation of India at that time. So this is the International Children’s Day importance in today’s era.

People say that parents should remember their duties towards children this day but why only on this day? They should be responsible for their children every single day of their lives. If parents are falling short of ideas on how to make this day memorable and special for their children then following are a few things that one can do for his or her child on 14th November:

1. Cooking Their Favourite Meals

Whether your children are young or in their teenagehood, they can never stop craving for the delicacies that are cooked by their mothers. So nothing could be better than cooking their favourite meals like pizza, burger, noodles, momos, pasta, etc in your homes and serve them with happiness. Trust me, they will definitely love this idea more than any gift that you could have given them.

2. Picnic

Children are really fond of a picnic, especially young children. They would just love to get the attention of their parents and hang out on an open area with them. It not only increases the love between the two but also makes this day special for them. Don’t forget to carry their favourite outdoor games and lunch for them.

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3. Rides

As we all know, children are extremely fond of adventure. So, nothing can be more adventurous to them than rides. Just take a leave from your office that day and take them to their favourite fantasy parks where there are many rides for them to enjoy. Don’t let them feel lonely by telling them to enjoy the rides all alone. Join them and make their adventure more thrilling and memorable with your company.

4. Party

Can parties happen only on birthdays? Who said so? There is no such norm but people have made this a habit of organizing parties only on birthdays. Why can’t we keep a party on this day? It need not be an expensive one but should definitely include things that your children love like games, prizes, music, etc. Invite their friends as well so that they can have more fun as a party without friends is always incomplete.

5. Long Drive

Last, but not the least, is long drive. Children usually enjoy sitting at the back seat of a car and enjoying the view of their surroundings from there. They like the cool breeze blowing on their faces and giving them a fresh feel. If your children enjoy long drives then it is your chance to make this day special by taking them on one.

Did you find this post helpful? Do share your personal experiences below and mention which idea you chose for your children on Children’s Day.

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