5 Reasons to Try CBD Chocolate

5 Reasons to Try CBD Chocolate 1

Both chocolate and CBD are great, so why not mix the two?

There are practical and healthy reasons why CBD chocolate is a great combination:

1 – It’s delicious

There are many ways to go about making CBD edibles. Some brands of CBD chocolate taste just like normal chocolate while others come in wild flavors, including some pretty earthly tastes.

Find out whether the chocolate brand you are considering uses CBD oil or CBD isolate on their recipes. CBD oil is extracted from plant matter; it has an earthly taste. CBD isolate, however, is pure crystallized CBD, which makes the substance tasteless and odorless. Foods made with isolate will have the calming properties of CBD without sacrificing the food’s taste.

2 – It’s easy to carry

Chocolate is usually stable at room temperature and can be carried around easily in your pockets. That’s the benefit of many edibles, including CBD gummies and CBD cookies. Chocolate does melt if the temperature gets too high, but it’s still easier to carry around than CBD brownies, or CBD ice cream.

3 – It’s easy to dose

Chocolate bars are often cast in mods that allow the bar to be broken into smaller pieces. The nutritional information on the label should let you know how much CBD is in each piece of the bar; if not, you can do some quick math on your own. Either way, that makes CBD chocolate easy to dose on the go, allowing you to get more or less CBD into your system depending on your current needs.

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4 – It’s healthy

The health claims associated with CBD and chocolate overlap in various points. For example, both CBD and chocolate are believed to be rich in antioxidants. Both substances also reduce the risk of heart conditions, act as mood regulators, and come packed with a large amount of different nutrients.

That said, it should be pointed out that claims of chocolate being a super healthy food have largely been exaggerated by the media. But if you love chocolate and want to make it as healthy as possible, there are ways to do that. All you have to do is look for dark chocolate with high concentrations of cacao, and try to avoid brands that are full of sugar and artificial flavors. 

Also, keep an eye on the amount of caffeine contained in the chocolate bar. Cacao seeds are naturally packed with caffeine, so the darker the chocolate, the more caffeine it’ll have. If you have trouble sleeping when you take caffeine, going for a bar with a higher concentration of CBD might be the solution.

5 – It’s easy to make

CBD chocolate is one of the easiest edibles to make, so if none of the brands in the market attract you, why not try your own recipe? Making your own CBD chocolate bar is as easy as melting the chocolate and adding CBD oil.

Molten chocolate does not mix with water, but CBD oil should mix with the chocolate without a hitch. Just buy some dark chocolate, get some oil from , and start experimenting. See if you can find the concentration that is perfect for you.

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