5 Reasons for low Testosterone Levels

low levels of testosterone

Testosterone is a hormone that mainly produces in men by the testicles. The role of Testosterone is to build in men the appropriate manly appearance like body hair, facial hair, muscles, bone mass and sexual development. This hormone activates sperm production in men’s body and stimulates sex drive in men.

Decreasing the production of testosterone with age is normal. But if the level of testosterone in men gets low at a young age, then it is a matter of concern because in that case, they have to face a range of symptoms and many problems.

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Here, are five main reasons for low levels of testosterone in men:

  1. Obesity- It has been researched in recent years that the reason for the reduction in the production of testosterone hormone is interconnected with other medical conditions of a human being. It is diagnosed that the person with more body fat or can say obesity have 2.4 times higher tendency of having a lower level of testosterone hormone than a person with healthy body fat. Diabetes and high blood pressure are also the types of medical condition that may tend to lower down the production level of testosterone in a human body. In short, a person with these medical issues or poor physical or mental health have a higher tendency of developing low testosterone.
  2. Kallmann Syndrome– It is a genetic condition that causes delayed puberty or absent puberty by depriving the evolution of nerve cells in the hypothalamus that produce the gonadotropin-releasing hormone. This disorder hinders sexual development and maturation, do not let the testes to develop, by causing a lack of hormone production in the body and also disturbs the ability to smell. Kallmann syndrome is a form of hypogonadotropic hypogonadism.
  3. Concurrent- If a man goes through acute psychological pressure or physical stress from a sickness/disease or resection may tend to face the problem of low production of testosterone hormones. Since this type of stress can temporarily disturb the functioning of the reproductive system.
  4. Cancer treatment- The production of testosterone hormone in a male body can also be interfered by any kind of radiation therapy or chemotherapy to treat cancer. In both the therapies, the radiations can affect the production of hormones and sperms. The effects of these treatments are usually for a period of time, but sometimes it may cause irreversible lifelong infertility.
  5. Pituitary gland disorders- Any problem or disability in the functioning of the pituitary gland can hinder the emancipating of hormones from the pituitary gland to the testicles and troubling in producing a reasonable amount of testosterone. Testosterone or any other hormone deficiencies can be the reason of a pituitary tumor or any other type of a tumor located near the pituitary gland. The treatment like surgery or radiation therapy to cure a brain tumour may also disturb the functioning of the pituitary gland and leads to hypogonadism.

These are some of the reasons for the low level of testosterone production. If taken proper food supplements can use as Testogen testosterone booster [click here] and followed a healthy lifestyle; a fair increment can be seen in the production of testosterone hormone. Regular exercise, plenty of rest and appropriate diet proves to be very helpful.

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