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    Terpenes aren’t unique to cannabis; they’re found in innumerable plants and other natural products throughout the world. In fact, the subject of today’s post—pinene—is the earth’s most abundant terpene. In addition to being found in cannabis, it naturally occurs in pine trees, rosemary, orange peels, basil, and parsley, among others. 

    There are actually two variants of the terpene: alpha-pinene and beta-pinene, but the alpha type—commonly shortened to “a-pinene” is more abundant in cannabis. How do you find it—and more importantly, why do you want it? Read on for our guide to high-pinene strains.

    High Pinene Strains of Cannabis: What Can They Do For Our Bodies?

    We believe terpenes do much more than simply contribute appealing aromas and flavors. Limonene, for instance, contributes a subtle mood-enhancing uplift, which is one reason it finds its way into dish soaps, air fresheners, and countless other products. Linalool has a gentle calming effect, which is why ancient folk wisdom recommends we sleep on pillows containing lavender, a common source of this fragrant terpene. 

    Pinene has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect on our bodies, in particular our respiratory functions. It may sound counterintuitive, but inhaling high-pinene strains of cannabis—particularly using a vape pen or vaporizer, which doesn’t burn potentially irritating plant matter—can help reduce constriction in the lungs and airways, such as that caused by asthma.

    But high-pinene strains may be helping our brains as well. This suggestion comes courtesy of demonstrating that pinene, among other terpenes, might help combat the short-term memory fog associated with THC.

    Our Favorite High Pinene Strains of Cannabis

    Fortunately, pinene is often found in abundant quantities in cannabis.

    Here’s a hint: Following your nose may be a good way to sense the presence of this powerful terpene. If you detect a characteristic piney or resinous aroma, there’s a good chance you’re detecting pinene in the strain. Here are a few popular strains that typically contain healthy levels of a-pinene. 

    Jack Herer is a legendary strain among medical cannabis users, this strain—named for the legendary cannabis activist and author of—lends a blissful, clear-headed, and inspiring effect. These qualities all line up with a-pinene’s purported focus-enhancing properties.

    Grape Ape is a dank, potent and high-THC Indica. With a strong grape flavor, a relaxing body high and a pungent, memorable scent, this strain delivers a powerful and durable full-body experience.

    Harlequin is a popular and much-loved strain for its strong CBD content. It imparts a sativa-dominant uplift, often with a very mild euphoria. It’s recommended for daytime activities, while giving a gentle and soothing CBD ride.

    ACDC is another fan favorite, averaging around a 20:1 CBD/THC ratio. This means that psychoactivity is barely perceptible, making this high-pinene strain a great choice for daily users who want to mellow out anxiety, pain or tension with subtle but sustainable relief. 

    Explore the rich world of pinene and terpenes—visit an today!