5 Benefits of Owning an Emotional Support Animal

animal emotional support

Are you feeling pressure at work? Are you struggling to cope with the demands of life? Have you heard about the health and mental benefits of owning an emotional support animal? ESAs are becoming a popular way for people living stressful lives to deal with their anxiety.

ESAs are prescribed by health professionals such as psychiatrists and therapists. They offer a unique, drug-free, way to relive the anxiety experienced by people living in high-pressure situations.

ESAs are different from service dogs. Service dogs are trained to physically assist their owners with completing challenging tasks such as navigating their way across a busy street. ESAs can be any animal, from a dog to a peacock. ESAs provide emotional support to their owners in times of crisis and don’t need any specialized training.

If you think that your life is too much to handle, then consider these 5 benefits of owning an emotional support animal.

#1 Boost Your Mood

According to a 2007 study by Northern Arizona University, ESAs alleviate symptoms of depression. Birds showed the best results at relieving stress and anxiety in their owners. However, it is unknown why birds are capable of relieving stress in their owners more than other animals.

While birds are a great ESA, dogs are awesome as well. There’s something about petting a pooch that makes anyone smile. Boost your mood and put a smile on your dial with an ESA.

#2 Stress Less

Society is more inter-connected than ever before. The advent of social media has put our lives in the spotlight 24-hours a day. These social pressures can add up to high levels of stress. When the body is stressed, it releases the hormone cortisol. Cortisol is responsible for cell death and lowered immune function. By petting an ESA for just three to five minutes every day, you can reduce your levels of stress and get your health back under control.

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#3 Reduce Inflammation and Boost Immune Efficiency

Inflammation is responsible for a host of adverse health conditions and disorders. Cortisol is one of the attributing factors to excessive inflammation. When levels of inflammation get to high, you are mentally and physically exposed to adverse health disorders. Releasing the tension and dropping cortisol production can all be achieved by cuddling with your ESA.

#4 Open Social Interactions

Do you need more social interactions? Shake off feelings of loneliness by taking your ESA for a walk in the park. You will attract animal lovers that want to chat, and you could start a relationship that finds you a new friend or a new life partner.

#5 Enhance Cognitive function and Hormone Production

When you feel down, your brain does not function optimally. Inflammation and cortisol will make your thoughts feel muddy and slow. Petting your ESA will remove the fog from your mind and help you think clearly. Studies have shown that petting an ESA will release pleasure hormones such as dopamine and oxytocin. These hormones will improve your mood and clear your brainwaves.


The Final Thought

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