4 Signs That You Should Get Hair Replacement Syracuse NY Today

Hair Replacement

Technological advancements in various fields have definitely improved people’s quality of life. One process that has been refined through the years is hair replacement. The surgery involves implanting hair on the sparse areas of your head. Doctors have performed this transplant since the 1950s, but modern developments have enhanced the procedure and results.

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Nonetheless, if you’re still unsure whether or not you need hair transplant, these are the signs that you should schedule for one:

1. Androgenic Alopecia

While hair loss is a universal problem for both men and women, the symptoms are more evident with the former. Ladies, on the other hand, can easily cover up sparse areas with bangs or change up their hairstyle.

The thinning of hair can be caused by aging and other lifestyle factors. There’s also androgenic alopecia, which is a genetic condition that entails a receding hairline and steady hair loss from the crown or the top of your head and frontal scalp.

Because the situation is genetic, it’s highly likely that you’ll develop this condition if your father or mother has it. Some of the symptoms of androgenic alopecia include:

  • Slow Onset – One of the reasons why androgenic alopecia is often confused with signs of aging is because it occurs gradually. For men, the recession begins at the frontal hairline, while women experience it at the crown initially.
  • Heightened Shedding – An increase in falling hair is also one symptom of androgenic alopecia. If you’ve noticed that you’re losing more hair every time you use a comb, you might want to consult your doctor.
  • Changes In Hair Texture – The genetic condition also leads to the thinning of individual hairs. Patients who used to have thick, pigmented locks would end up with thin and short ones or, worse, wispy non-pigmented hairs.
  • Denudation – The changes in hair texture for people with androgenic alopecia can lead to the complete disappearance of hair in some areas of the head. The severity of denudation varies for each individual, but it’s typically more advanced at the vertex.

Since androgenic alopecia is a genetic condition, hair replacement is one of the best treatments you have against its symptoms. You can even pair it up with a new hairstyle or shade to freshen up your look. Just make sure that you avoid hair colors that make you look older.

2. Growing Bald Spot

Another sign that you might need a hair replacement transplant is if you’re developing a bald spot. Going through this type of procedure can help solve your balding problem.

There are two surgical methods that your doctor can choose. The first one is follicular unit strip surgery (FUSS) wherein the surgeon removes a strip of skin from the back of your head and closes the scalp. Afterward, the removed skin is divided into small grafts that are implanted in the affected area.

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The second procedure is called follicular unit extraction (FUE). In this process, the surgeon will extract hair follicles from the back of your scalp, which are, then, placed on the denuded area using skin grafts.

You should be aware that the transplanted hair may fall out about two to three weeks after surgery. There’s no need to worry, however, because the process will be followed by new hair growth.

3. Severe Hair Fall

Abnormal hair fall is a worrying symptom, which can lead to baldness. The worst part is that your hair will look uneven because the hair loss won’t be equal. Don’t wait until you go bald before you look for the proper treatment. You can have hair replacement surgery as a preventive measure for your condition.

4. Loss Of Self-Confidence

Seeing the gradual but drastic changes on your head can take its toll on your self-esteem. There’s no shame in consulting a doctor and looking for ways to prevent further hair loss if it means that you’ll gain back your confidence.

Ignore the stigma that comes with the procedure. Instead, focus on improving yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally.


Hair loss is a devastating problem that affects men and women. Fortunately, modern technological advancements have paved the way for less painful hair replacement surgery. If you have androgenic alopecia, this procedure serves as a treatment option.

Even if you don’t have the genetic condition, you may want to get hair transplants if you’ve noticed that your bald spot is growing or you’re experiencing abnormal hair fall. There may be a stigma surrounding the procedure, but it can help you gain back your confidence.

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