4 Common Drinks That are Worse for Your Teeth Than Soda

Most people are aware that sugar is not good for your teeth. It reacts with the bacteria in your mouth. Acid forms as a byproduct and attacks the coating on your teeth. As this becomes worn away the softer inner structure is exposed and, under continual attack, cavities form.

At that point, you’ll need the services of . Of course, it’s better to see the dentist earlier and avoid the need for fillings.

A dentist can offer advice regarding the state of your teeth. They can and even offer words of wisdom regarding the best way to protect them in the future.

But, alongside this, you need to be considering what you eat and drink, this can have a significant effect on the health of your teeth.

In fact, what you drink can make a huge difference to the state of your teeth. While you may already avoid soda as you know it has lots of sugar in it, you may not realize that there are other drinks that are just as bad, or even worse than soda!

  1. Fruit Juice

Just because it’s got fruit in it doesn’t make it healthy! The fruit is actually full of sugar. In addition, citric fruits, such as oranges and lemons, actually contain acid which will attack your enamel.

In the form of fresh fruit, the acids are diluted and the effect is minimal. But when the fruit is pressed to get juice the acids become more concentrated, making the acid more effective at damaging the enamel coating on your teeth.

Drinking fruit juice still has benefits but drink them in one go, don’t sip them throughout the day.

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  • Energy Drinks

You’re probably already aware that most energy drinks are simply sugar, caffeine, and water. They’ll boost your energy levels but they’ll rot your teeth at the same time.

In fact, this option will erode enamel faster than soda or fruit juice. If you really need to drink this make sure you drink it in one go and avoid any with added citric acid.

  • Tea

Tea is often seen as one of the healthiest options. After all, it’s just water and tea leaves.

However, black tea has been shown to be corrosive to your teeth. This is a much more gradual process than the sugary options on the list, but it’s worth noting.

You should monitor your tea drinking and pay particular attention if the tea you drink has a ph below 5, this will make it more likely to cause tooth damage.

  • Diet Soda

Finally, diet soda declares proudly that it has no sugar. That’s why many people choose it instead of regular soda.

However, the chemicals that are added to diet sodas make them more dangerous than regular sodas. These chemicals will cause your teeth to corrode and crack. Studies show that drinking one liter of diet soda a day for three years will give you teeth the same as someone using methamphetamine. That’s not a desirable outcome. For healthy teeth stick to water, milk, and plenty of dairy products.

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