Every man is looking to find the next big style for one’s life. When it comes to looking for hairstyles 2018 should be an exciting year. Here are a few of the best hairstyles for men and boys to look forward to having in the coming year.

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  • Undercut Fade

This first option for a hairstyle for boys or men entails the hair moving backwards with part of it sticking up at the front. A hard part may be used at the sides to create a slimmer look.

  • High Skin Fade

This next choice entails the hair sticking upward further. It uses another part around the side and can work with a pompadour style if desired.

  • High Bald Fade

The high bald fade offers a stronger part of the sides to show more skin. The backward parting is highlighted in waves.

  • Curly on Top

With this design, the curly hair works with a good top layout. The curls on the top of the hair do not have to be overly extensive. This makes for a good hairstyle for men with curly hair to enjoy.

  • Textured Mid Skin Fade

The textured layout on this style can come with spiky hair. This adds an outstanding layout where the hair stretches out well and with ease.

  • Short Side Messy Hair

The messy hair layout on this one offers a good series of curls and waves to create an outstanding and detailed look all the way through. The sides have to be shorter to create a better rounded look.

  • Short French Crop

The French crop is great among haircuts for men with thick hair as it allows small clumps to be paired together to create a better and more unique look all around. This adds a comfortable layout that is easy to sport even with plenty of parting features around the ends.

  • Wavy Crew Cut

Medium and long-hair styles work with waves on occasion. This one uses a series of small curls and waves that add a better total look on one’s hair to add an outstanding look.

  • Slicked Undercut

The hair parts backward on this style. It uses a series of straight lines to show off a better total look with a consistent layout all around.

  • Razor Fade Messy Hair

The razor fade feature entails a slight cut around the sides to allow more skin to be exposed. This works with a good number of curves all around.

  • Hard Side Part

Watch as the side part is more visible around the middle-right part of the scalp. The line that forms the part has to be very visible and easy to spot.

  • Buzz with Skin Fade

The buzz style with a skin fade would work best for men with a round face shape. This offers a short style where the texture is consistent all around to add an outstanding look all the way through.

  • V Neckline

A V pattern may be used on the neckline with a shorter design although wavy hair may be used. This is idea for men who are looking for a shorter cut.

  • Short Back and Side

One of the best choices for a hairstyle for men with round faces is a short back and side design that offers a comfortable layout. It includes a good layout that features a shorter cut that moves backwards and offers a comfortable layout.

  • Angular Fringe

A good option for a hairstyle for men with medium hair is this style that uses hair that moves over to the side with a slight curve all around. This adds a good design that has not too much of a mess to it as the hair moves to the side.

  • Faux Hawk

One hairstyle for men long hair enthusiasts will enjoy is this style where the hair moves up at points all around the scalp to create a Mohawk-like design.

  • Center Part

A center part is perfect for thick hair. It entails the hair parting right at the middle part of the scalp.

  • Tall Spike

A tall spike look is a few inches in height and offers the tallest spikes at the front part of the hairstyle.

  • Straight Fringe

Enjoy this look that features the hair moving to one side with some waves all around. This adds a good look for a fine layout that is not too short or long.

  • High Volume Undercut

An undercut would entail the hair moving upward but with more parts of the hair sticking together. This should add a more relaxed look that offers a fine style for a man to sport.

  • Striped Pullback

A pullback design offers a smoother layout with the hair moving backward quite well.

  • Slanting Top Cut

The top part of the hair offers a slanted layout that curves well with the natural shape of the man’s face.

  • Half Side Part

Men looking for a nice side part can use this option with the part going halfway to the back part of the head. This is ideal for men with thick hair. This does not go too far as it offers a simplified layout that adds a comfortable feeling to the user’s scalp.

  • Plough Back

The plough back uses a wide top while a thin layout is more noticeable around the bottom part.

  • Back Haul

This next choice among mens long hairstyles is for longer hair. The churns around the hair are formed by the top layers to add a romantic look while the hair remains well organized.

  • Scattered Top

See as the scattered top offers a rougher look at the top while the sides are properly trimmed while being combed downward to create a good difference between the sides and top parts.

  • V-Back

A v-back style uses a layout where the sides are fully shaved. The layout creates a carefully orchestrated look where the hair has a standout look with the sides being smooth while the back has a slight peak to the end.

  • Fountain Curls

Men with longer hair will benefit the most off of this style. It uses hair that is not trimmed at the tips while the front is clearly cut away to offer a cleaner look with a full view of one’s face.

  • Parted Bundle

The bundle style uses a layout where the sides and top are separated from one another. The hair is combed downward to create a flat top while the sides have curves to them.

  • Top Sweep

The last choice uses sides that are shorter than the top. The top can be tilted a slight bit to offer a sweeping look.

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