3 Natural Penis Enlargement Exercises

Penis size has always been an issue for most men across the world for centuries. In fact, it has been a strong determining factor for the survival of most relationships across races. It also accounts for the way most men feel about their body and their confidence. However, even men with the average 6 inch penis size feel that a better active sex life would be attained if they gained a few more inches.

natural penis enlargment exercise

Now, while there are already penis enlargement surgeries out there, they are not your only alternative. Natural methods are there in the form of exercises which are not expensive at all like the surgical option and which have shown to work better than the enlargement pills and lotions.

Below are 3 ways by which you can gain a few inches in your favourite body part in the comfort of your home and without spending a dime:

  1. The ultimate stretcher

Before engaging in this method, first warm up your penis with a warm towel or have a hot bath. Normally, this should be done before starting any penis enlargement exercises. It helps with the flow of blood around your penile tissues and softens the skin so that you avoid bruises.

Next, take your penis and start stretching it outwardly. Make sure you’re comfortable and not pulling too hard. It should be gentle enough not to cause you harm and just enough so that you feel the penis stretching itself out. Your hand should be towards the tip of your penis but make sure you’re not cutting the flow of blood around there while holding it.

Once you have it stretched out, maintain that position for about 20 to 25 seconds then release your hold. Allow your penis to rest for some seconds before trying it out again. This time, instead of stretching downward, let it be upward. After that, you should stretch towards the right and the left as well.  Do this for 5 to 10 minutes every day.

  1. The jelq method

This is a very popular natural penis enlargement exercise and every penis enlargement routine has it. It consists in “milking” the penis.  It is performed on a semi erect penis. If in the course of this exercise your penis becomes fully erect, wait a few seconds to let it become a little bit flaccid. Then, make an O shape with your thumb and your forefinger (just the way you realize the OK sign). With it, hold down on your penal base and slowly begin rolling down your semi flaccid shaft as though you’re milking the penis.

The idea is to push the blood down towards the tip so that enough blood fills the tissues more than is usual, thereby increasing the penis itself. It also helps in maintaining an wrinkled penis even in old age as it ensures the penal muscle fibres grows stronger and larger.

Now, once you reach the tip of your penis, hold the base with the other hand and roll down again. A hundred of these could be done within 2 minutes and a few seconds and you should do that for as long as 20 minutes for maximum effect.

It is okay to feel a little pain on your shaft which will be caused by bruises around it. To reduce that, rub some oil on your fingers and begin gently with the milking before increasing your speed and grip.

On the whole, exercises like these can also serve as an effective anti-aging therapy [click here] and to help your body prevent skin wrinkling.

  1. PC muscles kegel

You must be wondering what kegel exercises which are used by women and men with bladder problems have to do with penis enlargement. Everything! This method can help men maintain and control erection which are primary in making the penis appear large. To do this exercise, locate your Pubococcygeus which is between your anus and your scrotum.

Another way to locate it is to try to move your penis up and down without using your hands. Then, begin to contract this muscle at least 30 times within the first week. Try increasing this number once you are used to the exercise.