3 medical tourism destinations you may not know about

medical tourism destinations

We all know that medical problems are very difficult to solve when you are constantly reminded that you can go bankrupt. They say that as long as you have your health, nothing else matters, but that is not how the real world works.

Of course, you are worried about how your family will manage after you get better. The medical bills can be crippling and being responsible for someone other than yourself makes things even harder.

Or, what is the point of regaining your health, only to not be able to afford the physical rehabilitation after? There is an entire cluster of issues that can result from fixing your medical problems, which is why many people jump to the idea of medical tourism.

What is medical tourism? The simplest definition is traveling to another country for the sole purpose of enjoying its healthcare system. In some cases, people travel because the country they originate from does not have the necessary medical equipment or personnel to fix their problem.

Others go to a foreign country because it is cheaper to fix their medical problems there than in their home country. Both are valid reasons. Below, you will find some medical tourism destinations that you may not have considered in the past. Just in case you are looking.

South Korea

If you are looking for a technologically advanced healthcare system, then South Korea should be on your list. Not only are their services cutting-edge and their personnel incredibly well trained, but the cost is somewhere between 30 and 45% less than in the United States.

They are specialized in spinal injuries, and they offer minimally invasive surgeries. For example, the Wooridul Spine Hospital in Seoul performs 20 thousand such procedures every single year. If you choose this hospital, you also get excellent accommodation.

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The rooms are spacious, you can get two beds just in case someone travels with you, and a personal computer. The insurance covers the procedure, but also injury, stress disorders, as well as the death of the patient that results from the said procedure.


Turkey is a popular medical tourism destination among European countries, but slowly and surely, it reaches out to people in the US as well. For starters, the cost of healthcare in Turkey is 50 to 65% lower than in the United States, meaning that it is worth the trip there. Besides, if you decide to fly with Turkish Airlines, they can offer some discounts if you travel for medical purposes.

As to what you can travel to Turkey for, they specialize in transplants, orthopedic surgeries, radiation therapies for cancer, and genomic medicine. The waiting time is almost non-existent, and you will be treated kindly. A lot of people come back impressed with the hospitality and the seriousness of the medical staff.


India provides more than ashrams and the Taj Mahal. It is also on the verge of becoming a top-rated medical tourism destination. Believe it or not, the cost of healthcare in India can be up to 90% lower than in the US.

The hospitals that receive medical tourists are equipped with cutting edge technology and some of the best doctors in the world. The waiting time is close to zero, and once a diagnosis is confirmed, the procedure is scheduled right away.

One of the best things about India regarding their healthcare is that some private hospitals offer to pick you up from the airport, they have private chefs at your disposal, and you get spacious rooms with incredible views and free Wi-Fi.

If you do decide to travel to one of these countries for medical care, please remember that you may need a visa. You have to look into it and check if a medical visa is available for your destination. The online application process is simple. All you need is a valid passport and a handful of other documents.

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