3 Healthy Habits for New York City Residents

healthy habits new york citizens

New York City is like no other place on Earth. Our metropolis is the largest city in the most influential country on the planet. It’s full of all sorts of people, from high-powered bankers to groundbreaking artists. It’s beautiful, messy, hectic, and the only place that we’d ever want to live. Unfortunately, it’s also wreaking havoc on our health.

No, really! As nice as New York City is, there’s no denying that living here is pretty bad for us in a lot of ways. Despite world-class health care and extremely low crime rates, plenty of dangers and health threats are lurking in our concrete jungle.

Take pollution, for instance. It should come as no surprise that a populous and busy city like New York City is full of air pollution that is bad for our lungs. Or what about stress and mental health issues? The crowded streets and busy lifestyle of New York City push stress levels above the national average.

Living in New York City is great, but if we’re not careful, it can get unhealthy.

Here are a few things that every New Yorker should make a part of his or her personal health routine. Combat the health dangers of New York with these simple habits and tricks:

See a therapist

The best therapists NYC rank with the best therapists in the world. So why aren’t you taking advantage of the world-class mental health care that New York City offers? In this stressful urban environment, it’s a bad idea to try to get by without simple care for your mental health. Making a weekly or even bi-weekly appointment with a psychiatrist, psychologist, or therapist can be a huge help.

We should all be more proactive about our mental health care, especially in places like New York City. Therapy isn’t just for those of us with serious mental health issues — it’s for everyone! WIth the perspective and strategies that you gain from therapy, you could enjoy a happier and healthier life.

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Care for a houseplant

Air quality in New York City can get pretty bad. While we enjoy better air than is found in some other major cities, and while New Yorkers are serious about green solutions and advocate for sensible environmental policies, there’s simply no way a modern city can exist without some amount of pollution. Until the green revolution sweeps the world, we New Yorkers will have to find ways to make our own air a little healthier.

Investing in air purifiers is a good idea, but there’s a natural solution that you should consider, too. A houseplant, especially one with reputation for purifying air, can give you fresher and cleaner air than you’d otherwise breathe in here in New York City.

Go to the park

Parks are good for mental health in cities, studies show. But if you’re not going to your local park, then you’re not getting your share of that mental health boost! You have to care for yourself, and putting yourself in a nice open space surrounded by greenery is a great way to get a little boost. Going to the park is good for you!

Going to the park is especially good if you go there to exercise. These big open spaces are perfect for jogging or performing bodyweight exercises. And getting into the habit of taking regular trips to the park can help you stick to your exercise habits, too. On top of all of this, being near all of those plants will give you fresher air than you’d get elsewhere. If your local park is a bit on the small side, consider hopping on the subway and heading to a larger park — like Central Park, of course!

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