10 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Drinking Coffee Everyday

benefits of drinking coffee

People who like coffee should be extremely relieved to know that it does more than just wake a person up in the morning. In fact, coffee has been proven scientifically to be one of the healthiest things that a person can drink!

Here are just a few reasons why people should drink coffee every day:


How is Coffee Healthy?

  1. It is a well-known fact that coffee can help fight against type 2 diabetes. Because of its antioxidants rich coffee beans, it is able to substantially lower the risk of development of this disease and people who drink more coffee are at less risk than those who do not.
  2. Countless tests have found that people who drink coffee are at lower risk for Parkinson ’s disease than people who abstain. It not just reduce the risk of development of this disease, but drinking coffee might even help people with Parkinson’s who have tremors.
  3. There are new studies which state that drinking between four and five cups of coffee per day might reduce the risk of early death. Coffee has also been found to prolong one’s lifespan.
  4. In women, coffee can greatly reduce the risk of strokes and other neurological disorders, as long as women drink coffee in moderation.
  5. It may be a surprise, but coffee can help prevent heart attacks and other cardiovascular disorders. People who drink a minimum of two cups of coffee a day are at less risk of being hospitalized by heart conditions than people who do not.
  6. Several tests and studies have proven that coffee can save off the liver and prevent several other kinds of cancer. People who consume more than three cups of coffee a day have a substantially lower risk of contracting cancer.
  7. People who drink at least two cups of coffee a day have their risks of liver disease and cirrhosis of the liver greatly reduced.
  8. Coffee not only helps fight memory loss, but it has been proven to fight Alzheimer’s disease as well.
  1. Because the caffeine in coffee can improve peoples’ moods, it drastically reduces the risk of depression and suicidal tendencies.
  2. People who drink three or more cups of coffee daily are less likely to have dementia than those who do not.

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Is There Anything Else People Need To Know About Coffee?

Though it does have numerous health benefits, people who are sensitive to caffeine or have stomach problems should not drink caffeinated coffee. Not only is it a stimulant, but the high acidity can irritate certain stomach conditions, such as ulcers. People who have cholesterol problems should avoid coffee, as it can increase their cholesterol levels.

Noncoffee drinkers who want to start brewing and drinking their own coffee should look at this 2017’s best drip coffee makers guide to find a coffee maker that will suit them the best.

The bottom line about drinking coffee is that, yes, it does have numerous health benefits. However, as with anything else, it should only drink in moderation.

Some best ways to make coffee

Although, instant coffee has greatly replaced the classic coffee lovers around the world still love the art of brewing coffee. There are several methods of coffee making which differs in technique and grounded coffee beans. Some methods use finely grounded beans and some works well with coarsely grounded ones. So let’s find out these popular coffee making techniques and some interesting stories behind them

Cowboy coffee

Well, it is for everyone and not just for cowboys. This method involves a pot of boiling water and finely ground coffee beans. You must be thinking that it is a very easy job but it is not.

You can try yourself, throw in some coffee in water and bring a boil to it but all you will get is a bitter taste. So what you should do to make a perfect cup of cowboy coffee

You need to understand the science of brewing coffee for that. Coffee is perfectly brewed at the range of 195 – 205 degrees Fahrenheit while water boils at 212 Fahrenheit. It means that if you brew the coffee at water’s boiling point then you will over-extract the coffee thus brings out some undesirable bitter flavor.

What is the right technique?

Boil 6 ounces of water in a pot and remove it from the heat source when it comes to boil. Let it sit for 30 seconds so that the water is cool enough that it wouldn’t over extract the finely grounded coffee beans. Now, add your finely grounded beans and stir the boiled water for3 – 4 minutes. When you are done, sprinkle some cold water on the floating tiny grounds so that they get settled to the bottom. Let it brew for a few seconds and your hot cup of cowboy coffee is ready!!

Mud coffee

This is the traditional method of brewing coffee. In this method, you need 2 tablespoons of grounded coffee beans and 6 ounces of water. Unlike cowboy coffee, you will pour the boiling water into the cup holding the finely grounded coffee beans. Stir is for 3 – 4 minutes and lets it sit for few more seconds. Your mud coffee is ready but do you understand why this is known as a mud coffee.

It is named so because you won’t have it completely because when you will reach the bottom of the cup, you will get the thick gritty stuff called “mud” which can ruin your coffee experience so stop drinking when you reach the mud!

Turkish coffee

Originated in Yemen and got famous with a name as “Turkish coffee”. Well, it is quite confusing but it doesn’t matter until we are getting the marvelous taste, right??

This method is a combination of mentioned methods given above but with a more refined process. It requires very finely grounded coffee beans. When we are saying “very fine” means you must get it grounded with the finest setting available on your grinder.

You can either use a pot just like you have used in cowboy coffee method or you can use a cezve or ibrik, a small copper pot with long handle especially made for making Turkish coffee.

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In this method, you will combine sugar, water, and finely ground coffee beans into a pot or cezve (ibrik). For a 4 oz ibrik, use 2 teaspoons of grounded beans, for 8 oz you should use 3 teaspoons and for 12 oz go for 6 teaspoons.

Fill the ibrik up to its neck and be cautious that the water should not go into the neck. Put the coffee grind in the ibrik and DON’T STIR. You will stir it in later steps. The coffee grind acts like a seal layer between water and air.

Put the mixture over medium heat until it starts foaming. Keep in mind that it must not boil. Before it flows out of the pot, remove it from a heat source and stir it with a spoon. Repeat the whole process for few more times. If you prefer black then let it be like that but if your guests prefer a milky one then you add an equal amount of milk into it.

French press

This method has nothing to do with France but it was a fashion to use the word “French” in those days hence it named like that. This is the most popular method because it is easy to use and you can prepare this in a large amount.

In this method, a coffee brewing device named French press patented by Italian designer Attilio Calimani is used to brew coffee. It is also known as a coffee press, coffee plunger, press pot etc.

Put 2 tablespoons of coarsely ground coffee beans in the French press pitcher. Boil 6 ounces of water separately and cool it for 4 – 5 seconds. Pour it in the pitcher. Stir it properly so that the particles of grounded coffee come in contact with water. Let this mixture sit for 3 – 6 minutes. Put the plunger and lid on the pitcher while you wait but don’t press it. When the mixture settles down well, press the plunger down slowly and your coffee is ready. Pour it in your favorite coffee mug and enjoy!

Coffee prepared from this method is usually thick in texture and gritty in nature. Since it doesn’t pass through a filter, therefore, you can find the coffee’s oil floating on the surface. It is good but in the case of acidic coffee, the taste can be bitter if brewed with this method.

Pour over coffee

This method works similar to automatic drip machine but this is different from other methods because, in this method, the liquid surrounding the coffee ground is continuously replaced with fresh water promoting a fast and efficient brew.

To make a pour over coffee, bring 20 oz of water to a boil. Place a filter into the dripper. Some filters need to pre-wet before use so check your filter requirement before using it. If it needs to pre-wet then wet it with hot water before placing it in the dripper.

Put 3 tablespoons coarsely grounded coffee into the filter and gently tap it to level the surface. Place this whole set up over a carafe or cup and places it on a digital scale.

You will pour boiling water four times. At the first time, you will see the coffee grounds bloom. As the hot water hits the coffee, Carbon dioxide gas is released and the ground will rise up like a bloom.

Start a timer and pour water slowly over the coffee. Start from the outer rim and move towards the center following a spiral path. Stop pouring water after 15 seconds. Make sure that all the grounds are wet. Wait for another 30 seconds so the coffee can drip into the mug through the filter.

Start pouring water for the second time after 30 seconds. This time start from the center towards the edge in a spiral movement and then come back to the center. Stop again after 15 seconds and wait for 30 seconds before pouring for the third time. Repeat the same step till the fourth and final round of pouring water.

The coffee made with this method is usually very clean and don’t have any sludge as it is filtered thoroughly.

Aeropress coffee

It is introduced in 2005 by Aerobie and works like a French press. Users have described the coffee prepared with the method as smooth and rich just like espresso.

In this method, you need to put hot water and finely ground coffee into the Aeropress and stir it well. Press the device and it will drip the coffee through the filter into the coffee mug. Add some more hot water and your coffee is ready to drink. The whole process takes only a minute to give you a perfect cup of coffee if done correctly.

There are other coffee making methods like vacuum press, cold press, and percolator which are time consumed and very complex but if you are a coffee lover and want to experience coffee from these methods then you can search them anytime over the internet. You need patience for these methods as it can take hours to give you a single cup of coffee. For example, the cold press method takes 12 hours to steep the coffee. It means you have to complete the whole process at night if you want a cold brewed coffee in the morning.

Whatever method you use for coffee making, one thing is sure that you will love the taste if prepared well and get the better every day so go ahead and make a cup for yourself now!

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