10 Natural Ways of Boosting Your Energy

natural ways boost energy

When you wake up feeling groggy and tired – or when fatigue seems to be weighing you down in the workplace – the need to feel alive and rejuvenated can make you go in search of an energy booster. There are two ways of going about this; you can either go the natural route or opt for a quick-action energy drink. However, when it comes to health, fitness and beauty treatment, the natural option is always the best.

Various studies have shown that you do yourself more harm than good when consuming some energy drinks, as they contain unsafe ingredients, packed with potential risks.  Most of these drinks – when consumed by children and young adults – have long-term effects, which is why some countries place certain age restrictions on them. Since every day has its own demands on both youths, adults and even children, wanting to get through the day with sufficient energy and being able to be back on your feet the next morning is completely normal.

Following these ten natural methods will put you on the right track to boost your energy:

1)      Manage stress

Stress-induced emotions take a huge toll on your energy reserves. You can be rid of these emotions by consulting a psychotherapist, joining a support group or unburdening what’s on your mind to a close friend or relative. This will eliminate stress and in turn make you feel refreshed. You could also utilise the effective tools of relaxation therapies like yoga, tai chi, meditation or engaging in self-hypnosis.

2)      Exercise

There’s no need for you to feel dejected whenever the word ‘exercise’ comes up.  You’ll probably feel there’s no way you can take time out of your busy schedule to accommodate it. However, this doesn’t have to take up much of your time, as just a brisk walk around the neighborhood can make you feel energized.

Exercising circulates oxygen and provides your cells with more energy to burn. It also causes your body to release modest amounts of stress hormones like norepinephrine and epinephrine that can provide an energetic feeling.

3)      Eat proteinous foods

Proteinous foods are a good source of long-lasting energy. This is because the conversion of protein to energy by the body is a slow and consistent process. So, go ahead and enjoy an omelet for breakfast and Greek yogurt for lunch.

4)      Take natural supplements

Natural supplements from the right source (that contain protein, chlorophyll, amino acids, trace minerals, Vitamins C and E, B vitamins and many other ingredients with nutritional value) will provide your body with enough energy to last the day. When you take this supplement, your body enjoys a natural energy boost alongside many other attractive healthy bonuses that won’t leave you prone to any adverse effects.

5)      Drink water

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When your body is lacking fluids, the first symptom you will notice is fatigue. Water enhances your performance for even the most demanding activities and this is an undebatable fact. So, instead of spending all day sipping soft drinks and coffee, drink water, water, and more water.

6)      Eat more food with low glycemic load

When you consume more foods containing high glycemic load (like spaghetti, potatoes, white rice, cornflakes, and sugary drinks), you’ll have unsteady blood sugar levels. This often leads to blood sugar drops, making you feel lightheaded and faint. Nutritionists advise that you eat more beans, brown rice, whole wheat bread, and bran cereal, as they have a low glycemic load.

7)      Stay away from the news for a week

Sometimes, you may feel emotionally down without knowing why. Unbeknown to you, this feeling can surface as a result of hours spent watching or reading depressing news on murders, fires, and terrorism. Try staying away from any kind of news for a week and judge the outcome. If you notice that you feel more peaceful and energetic as a result, continue your news abstinence.

8)      Go for a thyroid function and anemia test

Going for this test won’t boost your energy instantly. It is only necessary for those who constantly feel tired and sluggish – even after having a good night sleep. Women who have undergone childbirth are particularly prone to developing low thyroid function. However, this is nothing that appropriate medication won’t fix. Anemia on the other hand points to a sufficient lack of red blood cells. This denies your body from getting the necessary levels of oxygen needed to sustain energy.  You’ll feel energetic in no time when you start receiving appropriate treatment.

9)      Reduce alcoholic intake

Alcohol has a sedative effect that can drain your energy reserves and make you feel ‘wiped out’. It’s, therefore, best to consume alcohol when you feel you’re done for the day.

10)  Abstain from smoking

The tobacco in cigarettes contains nicotine – a stimulant that increases heart rate raises blood pressure and triggers brain-wave activity that makes falling asleep difficult. Once insomnia is in play, you’ll automatically lose energy. It’s safer to stay away from smoking altogether.

It’s the actions you take that determine whether you will have a healthy boost of energy or not. So, be wise in your actions.

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