10 Foods You Should Not Eat Before Bed

avoid eating late into the nights

We all get those late night cravings at least sometimes, the need to satisfy our sudden urge to devour almost anything can come on pretty strong. But we’ve also heard that running into the kitchen and throwing open the refrigerator may not be in our best interests as far as sleep and our weight goes.

So what are we left to do if we really cannot fight the midnight stomach pains that are begging us to eat something? There are some foods and drinks that may help you off to a better night sleep like milk, and then there are others, like candies and chocolates that will load you up with sugars and caffeine that will do the opposite of help you sleep.

Foods that make for a miserable night of sleep are going to be ones that are acidic, spicy, high in fat and loaded with hidden caffeine . The sad thing about that, is that those are typically our favorite last night snack foods as well.

If you are not sure what the cause is for all of your restless nights, or having trouble falling and staying asleep then you may want to check out this article to read more about insomnia and its causes. While it may be true that eating at night and the foods you’ve ingested are causing the bad sleep, you may find that it is something more.

So how do you know if it is food that is causing you sleep issues? Well you may want to take a look at what kinds of foods you are eating during the evenings.

The problem is not just what you eat right before you go to sleep but sometimes it can even be what you have eaten in the last four hours before bedtime as well. While the largest meal of our day tends to be dinner, it is suggested that you try to eat this earlier rather than later as large meals can cause stomach issues and heartburn.

Here is a look at meals and snack options that you should try to avoid before you go off to bed each night.

10 foods to skip before going to bed:


Not only is chocolate filled with sugar, it is also going to be fairly high in caffeine, even if you think it’ll be just one piece. Dark chocolate is also one to be careful wit as you may think it is healthier and filled with less sugars, but the caffeine is going to keep you up rather than put you to sleep.

Hot wings

Hot wings are a great for almost any occasion, as long as those occasions are taking place long before bedtime. Not only will the spiciness of the sauce get your digestive tract kick started but if the wings themselves are fatty then you are running the risk of having some heart burn as well.

Ice cream

Ice cream may seem like an easy go to, and it definitely is a comfort food while you’re eating but many people have trouble digesting the dairy which can lead to a late night upset stomach. Ice cream is often loaded with caffeine as well, which you may not expect, giving you a boost of energy and alertness.

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Drumsticks are high in fat on their own, but are often breaded and fried which may be okay during the day while your digestive system is operating normally, but at night it slows down. You are going to experience the drumsticks processing by way of some uncomfortable heartburn.


While it is easy for you to take a quick stop and pick up some hamburgers on the way home, it is best if you avoid them. Fatty sandwiches like these are only going to lead to heartburn as your metabolism slows down for the night.

6. Alcohol

Though some say that wine make them feel a bit sleepy. drinking any kind of alcohol, from a spritzer to bourbon has been shown to actually metabolize rapidly in our bodies. This keeps you awake longer than you would have been normally or else causes you to wake up more often in the night.


Back to the spicy food, you should really try to avoid eating curry or any kind of spicy Indian food not just immediately before bed but even a few hours before. The spicy food is going to rush through you while your body is trying to slow down and relax for the night.


While some argue that cereals can be good for helping you sleep you may want to be careful before you pour yourself a bowl right before bedtime. Cereals often have added caffeine to give you energy in the morning, while others are simply packed with sugars which will upset your digestive system and keep you up.

Tea and decaffeinated coffee

Even though the label reads decaf, you might want to skip it anyway, as well with black and especially green tea. Green tea can often contain even more caffeine than a regular cup of coffee and it will actually keep you up, if you are wanting a tea option for sleep, consider chamomile.

Red sauce pizza

The main reason to avoid pizza before sleep or even the hours before sleep is because pizza is usually made with ha hearty red, tomato sauce. Tomatoes are acidic, and acidic isn’t far from the effects spicy food has, causing you to have an upset stomach and indigestion.

Final thoughts

Trying to get a good night’s sleep is a struggle all on it’s own what with everything we need to get done these days and often the level of stress we each feel. You should do your best to help your body properly relax and get to sleep faster and to have a deeper sleep.

Try to avoid eating late into the nights whenever you can to ensure that your stomach will not get upset while processing the food. When you just can’t fall asleep and feel the need to eat, reach for non-spicy, caffeine-free, low-fat snacks that promote relaxation and sleep.

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