Weight loss tips for working women

There are plenty of weight loss strategies for the working women but choosing the correct option is of utmost importance. One factor that we need to remember is working women have lesser time to spare for exercises compared to other non working women. They do not give the required importance to their diet and eating habits and so get the extra flab here and there. Many try to go on crash diet but that is of no use as the weight always comes back.

Going on diet or taking diet pills can be dangerous at times and waste of money and time. The best weight loss for women is by maintaining a well balanced diet and doing regular exercises. One should always change their lifestyle rather than going in for diets and pills.

Strategies to be followed for weight loss:

It is understood that working women hardly have much time to spare with full work at office and homes. So expecting them to go for rigorous exercises is not possible and would only add to their tiredness. They should fit in some weight loss plans in their daily routine and follow it with serious dedication. The strategies for working women are:

  • Never skip breakfast. Eat fiber rich food to increase the metabolic rate of your body. If you skip breakfast, you will definitely feel hungry at some odd hour and you would land up eating some unwanted sugar rich food.
  • Snacks in between meals too would keep your blood sugar under control. Fruits and vegetables as snacks would be ideal.
  • Eat fewer portions but more meals at frequent intervals and drink lots of water. Water helps in reducing the sudden pangs of hunger and controls weight.
  • Keep moving as much as possible. Use staircase instead of the elevator. Take a small walk every two hours.  Avoid sitting continuously for more than two hours
  • Do some more exercises like swimming or cycling on holidays and weekends.
  • Go for brisk walks. In case you don’t find time in the mornings, you could go in the evenings or stroll while talking on the phone.

You should also maintain a good dietary habit to save yourself from any complications caused by eating unhealthy food. You could follow any of the weight loss diets suggested by your dietician to maintain a good figure

  • Start the day with a glass of lemon juice at 7.00 AM
  • Have tea with fiber biscuits at 7.30 or 8.00 AM
  • Heavy oil free breakfast at 8.00 or 8.30AM
  • Couple of biscuits with fresh fruit juice at 11.30 AM
  • Moderate lunch at 2.00 PM
  • Mid evening snack at around 4.30 or5.00 PM
  • Dinner at 8.00PM should be the lightest of all meals.

The timings may vary a bit depending on your working conditions but the approximate time gaps between two courses should be maintained. Avoid fat and oily food. Check with your dietician or doctor for the proper items for vegetarian and non vegetarian food.

Stay fit and healthy with proper diet under medical guidance.

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