Tips to Gain Biceps and Triceps

When you mention about your fitness love, all eyes turn towards your arms. Big and sculpted arms loudly declare that you are a fitness freak and like to do weight training. If you are lean then you can’t have big arms until you gain muscle mass but if you are fat then you must reduce your body weight to get yourself in shape.

Here are some tips to gain biceps and triceps:

Take proper diet

Eating must be your first priority to gain weight and if you are obese then also eating a healthy diet is a must for you to control your weight. The normal requirement for a guy is 3000 calories per day but thin guys have a high metabolism, therefore, they need more calories. Plan your diet and divide your meals into 4-5 small meals into regular intervals in a day.

Take proper rest

The workout rule is simple, work on different muscle groups every day. For example, if you are working on your triceps today then you should work on your chest tomorrow. To grow muscles, you must give them enough rest so that they can repair the damaged tissues

Exercises for biceps

Although, biceps are not the strongest muscles of the body they are important for physical activities like pulling, lifting and balancing weights. The following exercises mainly target biceps:

Standing barbell curls

Standing dumbbell curls

It is same as barbell curl but the difference is that you have a dumbbell in each hand which allows you to do more reps easily than the barbell curl. You can also do dumbbell curls alternately.

Hammer curls

Exercises for triceps

These muscles are more important for muscle mass and overall strength of the arms. The following exercises can help you in strengthening them

Triceps extensions


Suck in your core and pull your body up to get into the starting position

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