Living with Diabetes Assessment

The lifestyle of diabetic patients goes through a drastic change when they are diagnosed with diabetes. Not only they get depended on the insulin injections and medication but their daily life style, eating habits and normal working schedule also changes. Even small activities seem difficult to the patient due to energy loss and diabetes generated depression.

Some of the problems diabetic patient faces are:

The main tests involved are:

1.     Blood test

2.     Oral glucose-tolerance test

3.     Fasting blood sugar

4.     Two-hour postprandial test

5.     Random blood sugar

6.     Hemoglobin A1C test

How can you live easily with diabetes assessment?

1.     Visit the doctor on a weekly basis to keep proper check on your health.

You need to make appointments with your physician or diabetes educator to know more about your diabetes.

2.     Follow your medications strictly.

You need to have all your medicines on time and take your insulin injections on time. This will help in quicker control of your blood sugar level if you have a very high sugar level.

3.     Don’t ignore the blood sugar tests which are recommended by the doctors.

Monitoring your blood sugar level is the prime need during your diabetic phase. Not only it will help in keeping check on the blood sugar level but also give you detailed information about your present health status.

4.     Do all the needful for taking the test.

Not all sugar tests are easy, some also involve fasting. Therefore, when necessary you have to take meals on time and control your hunger.

5.     You can also take help of self-monitoring blood sugar level devices.

If you are gadget friendly and wish to conduct your tests in the comfort of your home, then you may invest in devices which are made for self-assessment of the blood sugar level.

Some of the popular devices for sugar check are:

What are the things done after the tests?



Living with diabetes assessments or tests isn’t an easy task. You have to go through several tests to keep check on your blood sugar level, blood pressure, cholesterol level and more. Some of these tests can be conducted only in hospitals while some can be conducted in home as well. If you are aiming for a faster recovery, you need to go through these tests since these tests will only prove how much you have progressed in your attempts. So, work hard and try to achieve your health goals!

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