Jumping and Skipping Exercise Benefits

Have you ever wondered that exercise can have a fun element? The answer is yes, it can have just in case of jumping, your favorite activity of childhood. Simple jumping, jumping on a trampoline or jumping on ropes is very beneficial to your body in the context of the fitness.

 Why choose Jumping/skipping over other exercises

What the stats say?

Calorie burning by rope jumping is governed by many factors like weight of person, effort level, speed, frequency of turns, etc. For example, 120 tons of skipping in a minute is equal to running at the speed of six miles per hour. If you are skipping slowly with a frequency of 60 – 80 turns per minute in a set of 10 minute session, then you can burn around 70 kcal if you are a female and 100 kcal in case of males. If you increase your pace and frequency to 80 – 120 turns every minute in a 10 minutes session then one can burn 110 kcal in case of females and 150 kcal in case of males. On the whole account, you can burn approximately 800 – 1000 kcal per hour. Now that is great!!!!

 How it scales on the 3p’s parameter?

It scores ten on ten on the 3p’s parameter that is physically, physiologically and psychologically. Jumping or skipping affects the overall health of the body such as:

Weight loss

Improve cardiovascular system

Improves bone health

Tone up the endocrine system

Other physiological effects

Enhance mental performance

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