Diet Plan Changes for an Energetic Day

As work stress rises, your energy levels dip unanimously. Eat right to ensure vitality all day long.

The hectic and overstressed lifestyle today demands a wholesome diet and nourishment to keep at bay energy draining. It’s not just you. This apparent scarcity of energy in us humans has become a worldwide phenomenon. Studies have shown that incessant feeling of low-on-energy-levels has always been connected to your dietary intake and savory habits.

We dig a notch deeper to exactly probe the how’s and what’s of tackling this down surge in energy levels with the ultimate map to stay and feel alive, refreshing all day long.

Here is the Checklist of a Diet Plan for an Energetic Day:

It’s important to understand one basic factor before we start that the first meal of your day will inevitably decide your energy graph through the day. Hence, it comes as a no brainer that your breakfast will make or break your entire day. Of course, this won’t be the first time you are reading about the relevance of eating your breakfast right. Repeatedly, the importance of a wholesome breakfast has been stressed upon. Perhaps, it is time you took heed of your mom’s directive – Don’t leave without having your breakfast!

A good breakfast gives your metabolism (which has been vaguely active for 8 to 9 hours) a sharp kick-start. This boost, indeed, helps your body burn more calories. And you are left feeling more lively and energetic through the day. You will, undoubtedly, have lesser hunger spasms and little binging on snacks then on. So your day is well set off with a good, nourishing breakfast. You could experiment with various combos of carbs, proteins and fibers for your breakfast.

Alternately, most people opt for the 5-meals-a-day diet plan to stay energetic through the day. The crux implements of having fewer, but nutrient-dense foods, at regular intervals. Of course starting with the breakfast, you are allowed to have a proportionate amount of snacks few hours later. In the afternoon, relishing the lunch followed by evening-time snacks and eventually the dinner. Now here the trick lies in smartly weighing the meals. Meaning starting with the heaviest on nutrient-intake you carefully narrow down the sizes of every meal in every sense – Dinner being the lightest of all.

While you are at your desk preparing that presentation or replying to that flurry of emails in your inbox, you can always sneak your hand to sip that energy drink lying beside your screen. A cheaper option to that energy drink is the life-sustaining “water”!! A hydrated body is always high on energy. Alternately, if you can, avoid caffeine intake. Caffeine robs your body of energy, despite it acting as a stimulant. Switch to green tea for the antioxidants in it. Antioxidants scavenge the body of ill-fitting toxins.

When you have a dietary intake of this sort you are bound to have leaner self. Thus, the merits are manifold. Energy levels boosted and a slimmer, healthier you. Those seeking for weight loss can also opt for this routine, of course, accompanied with the right kind of exercise routine!


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