Best HIIT Treadmill Workout to Burn Fat

High intensity interval training or HIIT is currently the most popular fat loss workout and its advantages have somehow shadowed the treadmill workout. The treadmill has become the equipment for a warm up only, but do you know that you can use this old friends of your to fight off your stubborn fat by applying the principals of HIIT. This interval training as the name suggests, works through the start and stop mechanism of high intensity activities with short recovery periods and this approach can be transferred to any exercise equipment. When the treadmill is used for such high intensity practice, then it increases the fat burning process in less time.

Studies have proved that HIIT burns fat nine times more than the conventional cardio workouts. Its effect remains even after the workout for next twenty four hours. So, here we are discussing some HIIT workout plans with a  treadmill which focuses on short periods of high intensity activities with less intense resting period. These brief resting periods keep the body in moving condition and prevents cramping and tensing up of the muscles. This 20 minutes workout plan can benefit you more than an hourly session of steady cardio workout by trigger on the repair cycle of the body and boosting up the metabolism in less time.

How to do HIIT on treadmill?

The steps of doing the HIIT on a treadmill are given below, but you should consider some points during exercise. Always warm up at the beginning and cool down before getting down from the treadmill. You should also stretch in between the sets of exercise because this high intensity activity can cause some cramps.

HIIT sprint workout

HIIT incline workout

HIIT short interval workout

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