30 Simple (and Trendy) Hairstyles for Women in 2018

When looking for hairstyles for women 2018 will be a year where there are many options to find. These include options for women over 50 and ones for women with medium and long hair. Some of these styles even fit perfectly for women with glasses.

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One of the top medium length hairstyles for women over 50 to spot is one where the hair has a substantial part to the side. This adds an outstanding curve that keeps the hair flowing well.



Curls should be soft with flexible bodies. This is great for short to medium hairstyles for offering a good curve and an outstanding layout.



The curls at the bottom of the hair can alternate with some fine curves and layouts. This could include a comfortable style with the curls adding an extra bit of class with a fancy layout.



This next option for short to medium hairstyles gets its name from how it has a part starting around the arches of the eyebrows. This creates an even look where the hair can be even on both sides.



Look at this option offers a slightly longer look with the curves being controlled well with a fine design all around. The curves should move towards the chin to create a nice frame for the face.



Medium layers fit for short to mid length hairstyles as they offer longer hair that goes along the shoulders while the bangs are side swept and a little shorter than everything else. This creates an outstanding layered look all the way through.



A bob can come with a nice layered look to create a wavy appearance all the way through. This adds a stunning look of sporting.



Layers can be made with a swoopy look with the curves on the hair moving all the way through the hair. This can add a remarkable look if used right.



A bob can always be planned with straight hair all around. This is better for short to medium hairstyles for how it is easier to maintain when a curling iron is applied.



For hairstyles for a 50-year-old woman with long hair, a salt and pepper design is best. This is where the hair has a tapered style with light and dark tones blending together for a fashionable look.



A nape undercut hairstyle will entail a comfortable look with a choppy style all the way through. But the back part will be fully cut and trimmed with a smooth look all around.



A bob can come with a curly look with curves all around the entire inside of the body. But this works best when the bob is spread out well.



Keeping the hair controlled is important when it comes to bangs. A mid-length style with bangs is perfect for offering a comfortable and clear layout. This can include a nice style with a series of slight curves all the way around to add a fashionable tone.



A cropped style can be rather short with bangs on the sides to add a stunning look that frames the entire face. It can work with light and dark hair alike.



Sweeping layers feature a fun where the hair moves throughout the scalp while creating a careful frame around the face. This might work for women with glasses.



This next style for older women includes the hair staying flexible while the bottom parts have an uneven look all around.



This pixie option is different for having straighter lines. This can be short to go around the top parts of the ears at the most.



For this bob, the hair has to flow on one side to add a carefully organized layout that adds a nice frame along the sides.



A short crop features the hair moving towards one end of the scalp. But it should still cover the forehead well. The ears should be framed properly.



One of the best hairstyle for over 50 with glasses is a short stag look. This includes a look organization with a layout where the forehead is partially covered. This gives off a fashionable look when used right.



A longer approach to the bob is possible when the hair has enough curves on the side and has various spots where the hair moves perfectly along the face.



The pixie layout can include a side part to add an outstanding style. This is attractive when planned carefully with the right curves and forms.



A mushroom cut features a fashionable look with the hair having a longer look on the sides while still creating a fine frame around the face.



When wearing long hair, a straight approach might be best. This is especially if the hair parts in the middle.



A quiff looks to the hair will feature a series of curly edges on the side with a thick layout all the way through.



Long hair can also come with side-parted textures to add a striking appearance with a fine layout on the sides. This fits perfectly for women with glasses.



A minor twist look can come with a nice edge layout that has a fashionable and fancy layout if used properly.



Hair can be treated with a volume agent and enough settling spray to create a nice shine. This works best when a cropped layout is applied all around.



A pixie style can also be prepared with a series of small layers. This would require the hair being positioned well with a settling spray added.



The last option is a good choice among short to medium hairstyles. With a wavy bob, the hair has a good number of curves all the way through to add a striking tone that anyone would want to sport.

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