10 Tips to Healthy Living After 50

You need to accept the fact that there are laws of nature that simply cannot be denied. It is natural for all to age and counter health related problems but that is part of the game. However, the catch lies in how well these problems can be countered and t is necessary to identify ways to ward off these hindrances to good health. Taking into account certain constraints of age and respective physical abilities of people over fifty, it can be observed that not all find it a very enjoyable experience to work out at such a late stage of their life. So what can be controlled is the eating or food habits of people.

Following are some tips to eating healthy:

• Go for variety: Try and have different types and colors of fruits and vegetables and whole grains. Limited intake of seafood on a regular basis is also welcome. This variety in food actually replenishes the nutrient requirement of your body.

• Have proteins: An ounce of meat or fish, eggs or in case you are vegetarian, cooked beans or tofu, nuts and peanut butter can suffice for the protein requirements of your body.

• Low fat dairy foods: One cup of milk or yogurt which is fat free or low fat in nature is good. To supplement that you can have a cup of cottage cheese; this has the same nutritional values as the low fat or skimmed milk.

Fats: You need to be careful while selecting oils and solid fats. Olives and nuts have oils which are good for your health. Avoiding foods having too much solid fats and added sugars will actually help you in keeping the maladies of diabetes and heart diseases at bay.

Quantity counts: You need to be extremely judgmental about the quantity of your food intake. This would depend on your respective activity levels. For instance, the more you are physically active, the more would be your intake.

Know your food well: Before purchasing a particular food, take some time to read the label and get to know about the ingredients and nutrients it contains.

Ensure compatibility: You should also look into whether the food you are taking suits you or not; whether you have problems in digesting them when you take them in large quantities, etc.

Plan your diet: You need to have a good diet plan whereby you can categorize what to   have and when to have essentially with the help of your physician.

Have enough fibers: Try and leave the skin of fruits and vegetables on while having them and try to have whole fruits instead of fruit juices.

Ensure safety: Above all you need to see to it that the food you are having is freshly cooked and raw food is handled carefully.

A healthy diet plan can help you gain the right balance of fats, solve problems of obesity, and can bring about positive changes in your food habits thus validating that age old statement “Health is Wealth”.

You can ensure a healthy life after fifty if you keep yourself active and adhere to a good diet plan by taking the right food in the right quantity as directed by your physician.


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